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CAM Supports CCAA to Promote Industry Development

2017 / 06 / 20

Dr. Deng Jun - Chairman of the Executive Committee of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) attended the General Election Meeting of China Civil Aviation Association (CCAA) on 15th-16th Jun 2017 in Beijing. As Director Member of the third and fourth term Director Council in the Association, CAM representative has to attend the meetings including the fifth Meeting of the third term Director Council and General Election Meeting of the fourth term Director Council, first Meeting of the fourth term Member Congress.

It was concluded in the third term Director Council (2014-2016) that the CCAA has 240 member units until December 2016, increased by 100 units (42%) compared with 2014, of which 180 are airport members while 60 are non-airport members.

Mr. Dong Zhiyi – Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) congratulated for the smooth transfer and the establishment of the fourth term Director Council, placed affirmation and praise to the work of the third term Director Council. The Association is the sole community organization in the airport industry, it is hoped that the fourth term Director Council can lead the Association to link up the Government and enterprises and build up the role as a bridge. Airports’ missions are expected to enhance, large airports as hubs, small and medium sized airports with accessing functions could promote the development of airport clusters. Moreover, innovative technologies should be applied to play the role of civil aviation of driving regional economy.

Members in the meeting voted and unanimously passed the fourth term Director Council members. The Director General Ms. Wang Ruiping mentioned in her speech that the Association will uphold the objective of “common participation, common sharing and common development” to complete tasks: strengthen corporate governance, serve the members and adhere to self-discipline; strengthen service quality and help small and medium-sized airport development; enhance domestic and international contacts to promote industrial exchanges.

The target of the new term Director Council will be implementation of three major development strategies: “The One Belt and One Road”, “Integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei” and “Yangtze River Economic Belt”, focus on improving the quality and efficiency of development, the new situation facing at the Association business expansion and self-discipline development. It is forecasted that there will be 260 country’s transport airports and 500 general aviation airports by the end of “The thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. The core of civil industry will be promotion of construction of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta world-class airport clusters, enhance the regional hub airport functions, improve the function of small and medium-sized airports, promote the construction of modern logistics and transit center and form a hub airport, so as to drive the idea of airport service network coordinating developments. These are all the new tasks of the Association to serve the members, the industry and the society. The service functions of the Association will be strengthened, striving to promote construction of a rational layout, functional, safe and efficient airport network. It is expected that the member airports will be more than 90% coverage by year 2020, non-airport members will be one third of the total members.

Other representatives from CAM are Ms. Yuan Weifang – Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office and Ms. Vicki Mou – Chief of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office.