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Charter Flights

Organizers of relevant programs of charter flights operating at Macau International Airport, including Travel agents, Tour Operators,Forwarders, Airfreight integrators or airlines by themselves can apply and will be entitled to incentives according with the following tables and specific conditions:

Incentive policy for Charter Passenger Flights 10% on passenger fee collected
Calculation of incentive amount = Airline collected
Passenger fee on charter flights x 10%
Duration of Incentives 1 Year
Incentive policy for Charter Cargo Flights 25% Rebate on landing paid
Duration of Incentives 1 Year

Conditions for any charter flights and routes:

  • The incentive will apply to the entities organizing and fully responsible for relevant charter flights programs, duly approved by CAM, to destinations without flights from/to Macau.
  • The organizer can be a Tour Operator/Travel Agent or an airline by itself, given that they can prove they are the real owner of the charter operation program for passenger or airfreight.
  • The right to the incentives requires that during each six months of the program a minimum of 1000 passengers or 300 Ton of Cargo are transported and at least 15 flights are effectively made.
  • The charter flights programs do not count for, or entitle their operating airlines to, any of the other incentives programs.
  • The right to the incentives is verified after conclusion of the operation program and, if applicable, a credit note will be issued with the respective value, to the organizer or any representatively entity appointed by them.
  • The incentives will only apply to maximum of one year for any destination.
  • Unless under special situations of express interest of CAM, the same applicant or any affiliated or parent company cannot benefit twice from these incentives for any destination flown by them under similar incentive program in the previous 24 months.

  The information on this website are for reference only. Please contact the Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) for details.