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Environment Sustainability

As one of the main channels connecting Macau to other countries, Macau International Airport (MIA) should fulfill the responsibilities of spreading the concept of “Environmental Protection” to every units in the airport and also the community. “Environmental Protection” is a social responsibility, and a key element of developing sustainability in each country or area. To execute the measures of “Environmental Protection” as to contribute to the green development of Macau, aside from fulfill social responsibility, it helps to improve the environment of the airport, and ensure sustainability which will help to enhance the mission of MIA– “Safety, Efficiency, Effectiveness”.

Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) Programme

"MIA had participated in the ACA Programme from organized by ACI and accredited with Level 2 – “Reduction” since 2014, with the target set as “Reduce Carbon Emissions per Movement by 20% in 2018 compared to 2012 Level”. Through continuous effort, to reduce emissions, MIA had reduced 40% of carbon emissions per aircraft movement in 2018 compared to that of 2012.

In 2019, MIA had set another target “Reduce Carbon Emissions per Movement by 30% in 2028 from 2018 Level” and revised our Carbon Management Plan. MIA started to implement more environmental projects and measures that can be done to achieve the target, such as LED light replacement projects in various areas within MIA, replacement of aging vehicles with low or no emission vehicles and look for opportunities to recycle more wastes originated from daily operations in MIA.

Subsequent to the implementation of some green projects and measures, as well as the joint efforts from concerned entities, the carbon emissions per aircraft movement in 2019 had already been reduced by 18% compared to that of 2018.


Green Projects

Green Wall
Vehicle Replacement

As part of the Carbon Management Plan, until the end of 2019, MIA had replaced and purchased seven hybrid and three electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles used in MIA

Hybrid vehicles used in MIA
Food Waste Recycling Programme

MIA implemented the Food Waste Recycling Programme since 2013. In the past years, the Food Waste Composter treated the food wastes generated from the uneaten in-flight meals and the food wastes from staff canteen in Servair Macau and the food wastes from Airport Restaurants, Plaza Premium Lounge and coffee shops in PTB. Until the end of 2019, the Food Waste Composter had recycled over 90,000 kg of food wastes and turned them into organic compost, which were used for grass growing near the Runway area by Landscaping staff. This had helped to reduce the amount of wastes sent for incineration.

Food Waste Composter
Green the Airport with various plants

All kinds of plants are located in different areas of the terminal building, around 670 potted plants: Dracaena Arborea, Dracaena Deremensis, Calathea Makoyana, Philodendron Selloum placed in departure area; around 280 potted plants Aspidistra Elatior, Monstera Deliciosa, Raphis Excelsa placed in arrival area; around 290 potted plants : Sanseviera trifasciata, Dracena lemon lime placed in transit corridor. Green plants can reduce emission of carbon dioxide, purify air and improve air quality, MIA determine to provide a memorable green airport experience for the all passengers!

Green Plants in MIA
Replacement of Airfield Ground Lightings (AGL)

Since 2013, with the subsidy from Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation Fund of Macau SAR Government, MIA had replaced the traditional Taxiway Edge Lights, Stop Bars, Taxiway and Apron Centre Line Lights. Since 2017, CAM had also invested in replacing the Sequential Flashing Lights (SFL) and Runway Threshold Identification Lights (RTIL) on both Runway 16 and 34 with LED ones. After the replacement of the abovementioned AGLs, over 16,000 kg of carbon emissions can be reduced.

Taxiway edge lights and stop bars LED
CAM participated in the Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF)

Macau International Airport Co. Ltd (CAM) started to participate in the Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF) hosted by the Macao S.A.R Government since 2010, through this exhibition CAM would like to present the plan and results of the airport environmental protection, by increasing the green elements to improve the airport environment in order to achieve the goal of “Green Airport”.

As our Earth resource is limited and precious, MIA will continue to carry out the work on environmental protection and to build a green airport, as our target “Green our Life, Blue the sky”.