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Calculation of Landing Fee Rate

The landing fee includes the following:

  • Terminal air traffic control
  • Use of radio and visual navigation
  • Parking for the first 60 minutes after landing and for the last 60 minutes prior to taking off

(Prices in MOP)

Aircraft MTOW in tons Landings in one month/airline
1st tier 2nd tier Class
Up to 60 landings Over 60 landings
Basic Per ton Basic Per ton
Up to 9 810 - 785 - A
10 to 50 810 85 785 69 B
51 to 100 4,295 65 3,614 58 C
101 to 200 7,545 57 6,514 55 D
More than 200 13,245 38 12,014 35 E
Weight (T) Input
Landing Fee Up to 60 landings Over 60 landings

Note: Whenever the number of landings leads to a change of tier, the fee applicable to total operations performed during that month is that applicable to the last operation according to the index.

Landing fees exemptions

  • Aircraft in the exclusive services for the Portuguese Republic or the People’s Republic of China
  • Aircraft not registered in Macau and in official missions or under special agreements or on a reciprocity basis
  • Aircraft in humanitarian or search and rescue operations or similar missions
  • Aircraft with appropriate proofs that due to technical, meteorological or similar contingency cases and forced to return to the airport,but only to those which have not landed in other airports after taking off from Macau
  • Aircraft whose finality of the operation may justify the exemption, but this is on a case by case basis and requires prior approval from the appropriate authority

Landing fees reduction

  • Aircraft engaged in local training and equipment testing flights, may be entitled to a reduction up to 75%
  • Aircraft landing between 23:00 to 07:00 local time are entitled to a 50% reduction.(both times inclusive)