2022 / 09 / 30         24~29°C         70~98%

Performance Standards

Performance Standard in Jul, 2022

Passengers Arrival Flow
From 1st passenger to last passenger at immigration line 00:01:15
From aircraft at parking position to 1st piece of luggage on baggage belt 00:09:48
From 1st piece of luggage to last piece of luggage on baggage belt 00:16:00

From Chocks on until the Last passenger pick up the luggage from belt 00:25:48

Passengers Departure Flow
Luggage screening check per passenger 00:02:25
Check-in clearance per passenger 00:09:50
Immigration and security clearance per passenger 00:05:22
Boarding per passenger 00:01:30

Time spent with mandatory procedures before boarding 00:19:07

Available time for shopping/leisure prior to departure 01:40:53