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Cargo Flights

Airlines operating at Macau International Airport will be entitled to incentives for additional traffic in existing and new routes according with the following table and specific conditions:

Incentive for Cargo Flights
Rebate on Landing/Parking charge Month 1 to 6 Month 7 to 12
New Routes 100% 50%
Additional landings on existing routes 50% 30%

Conditions for existing routes:

  • The incentive will apply to each additional commercial landing at Macau during the year, calculated in comparison with the official records of the landings by the airline in the previous year.
  • The landings in new routes with specific incentive will be deducted for the purpose of this calculation.

Conditions for new routes:

  • The incentive will apply to all landings in the first year of a new route.
  • New routes are routes not operated by the applicant airline for at least 6 months before the application being made.
  • The new routes have to operate for at least 2 years and cannot be stopped for more than 2 weeks in each 6 months period or cancel in each year more than 20% of its scheduled/planned flights.
  • No airline can benefit from MIA incentives for new routes more than once for the same origin/destination city.
  • Landings eliminated from the new routes program can be considered for the existing routes program.

  The information on this website are for reference only. Please contact the Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) for details.