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The 2015 A5 of GPRD Chairman Meeting was Held in Macau, Technology Application Sharing Professional Committee Established

2015 / 09 / 14

The 2015 Five Airports (A5) of the Greater Pearl River Delta Chairman's meeting was held in Macauon 11th Sep 2015. Top management of the five airports including: Guangdong Airport Management Corporation, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd., Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), Zhuhai Airport Group Corporation, Hong Kong-Zhuhai Airport Management Co., Ltd., attended the meeting for direct exchange to strengthen cooperation.This year the A5 Chairman Meeting was rotated to be organized by CAM, with the theme “Innovative Interconnection, Enhance Regional Competing Force”.

Dr. Deng Jun – the Chairman of the Executive Committee of CAM welcomed the representatives from the four airports and noted that the founding of A5 is a trip artite accomplishment by Airport Authority Hong Kong, Macau International Airport Company Limited and Guangdong Airport Management Corporationin July 2001. The meeting has been endeavoured to continue for 15 years, although it has ever been stopped temporarily during the years of 2004 – 2007. Warm gratitude was expressed to the contributions of the A5 Chairmen over the 15 years.

In the meeting, Ms. Vicki Mou – Chief of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office represented to deliver the working report of the CAM this year: the secretary meeting was held in Macau on 15th May 2015 where the theme of the Chairman Meeting and the topic of the research report as “Management of Information Technology and Big Data”. The completion of the research report has been an effective means for mutual communication, learning and collaboration among airports.

Representatives of the A5 airports made presentations on the topic. Ms. Sharon Wang – Managing Director of Airport Information Management Solutions (AIMS) on behalf of CAM, recalled the virtualization practice of Macau International Airport (MIA), using the full and effective utilization of information and network technology to build up the airport service business platform, make the passenger flow convenient, enhance operational efficiency and optimize business efficiency. Some of the big projects completed include: the Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) system update and upgrade in 2012, the introduction of Beidou navigation and positioning technology to achieve real time monitor on the airport runway subsidence in 2013, as well as the 5-year update of Information Technology and Communication (ITC) system. In addition, MIA put forward the concept of virtual terminal platform to further meet the virtualization strategy, by use of advanced information technologies to extend the airport passenger service/ business online. Through the establishment of airport e-commerce/ electronic service integrated platform, optimize and enable electronic the passenger service/ airport business, so as to realize online services and online commerce.

On the presentation contents, A5 Chairmen or representatives started up active discussion and agreed that the technological development has become an important tool for the development of the present aviation industry, so they were eager to make the “share and exchange airports’ resources” concept into practice. Dr. Deng pointed out that the PRD has been the earliest developed since China’s reform and was convinced by the development potential of the area, of which A5 should be leading the industry’s development in the region. After exchange and consultations, they came into consensus to set up a “Technology Application Sharing Professional Committee”, with the aim to synchronize the application of information technology among A5 to upgrade the overall competing force and share the achievement of information technology application in A5. An annual report on the implementation status and condition has to be submitted every year, and presented on each year’s rotated Chairman Meeting.

In implementation of Framework Agreement on Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation and Framework Agreement on Macau/Guangdong Co-operation, representatives of the Five Airports signed a Memorandum at the meeting for continual development of the Greater PRD region aviation industry and deepening closer co-operation among the five airports, including the set up of the “Technology Application Sharing Professional Committee”. Representatives include: General Manager of Guangdong Airport Management Corporation - Mr. Wen Wenxing, General Manager of Marketing and Network Development Department of Airport Authority Hong Kong - Mr. Henry Ma, Chairman of Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd. - Mr. Wang Yang, Zhuhai Airport Group Corporation Chairman - Mr. Wan Jingping, CAM Chairman of Executive Committee - Dr. Deng Jun. Souvenir presentation to the other 4 airports representatives was carried out afterwards.

After the Meeting, CAM arranged a site visit for the delegates to MIA for better understanding of the current situation and operation.

The A5 Chairman Meeting was founded in 2001, with the objective to work together, mutual support, innovative and common development to promote the Pearl River Delta regional airports by win-win cooperation through achieve a new competing relationship, and led the development of the region pioneer.The Chairman Meeting was rotated to be organized among the A5, and next year will be Airport Authority Hong Kong.