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Macau International Airport participates in 9th East Asian Airport Alliance annual meeting

2010 / 09 / 21

A delegation from CAM – Macau International Airport Co. Ltd was in Nagoya, Japan participating in the 9th East Asian Airport Alliance (EAAA) on the 10th September 2010. This Presidential meeting, hosted by Centrair, Central Japan International Airport Co. Ltd., gathered top executives from the EAAA member airports to share and discuss the state of affairs of the industry. Also, to deliberate on the proposals put forward by the working group, which has been working throughout the year on Safety & Security practices and to sign the 1st amendment of the MOU which governs the Alliance. This year there was a proposal made to the Executives for the addition of a new member. Representing CAM at this meeting were Ms. Suning Liu, Executive Director, Mr. António Rato, Advisor of CAM & Director of Contract & Operation Management and Mr. João Antunes, Deputy Director of Contract & Operation Management.

Speaking to the Executive meeting, Ms. Suning Liu, addressed the security issues faced by airports in today’s environment. During the address it was also proposed that an EAAA concerted approach of harmonising the implementation of security measures and studying the possibility of a Registered Traveller (RT) programme and its eventual implementation at the Alliance’s airports with the aim of providing its common users with greater service level. This proposal comes in the spirit of the EAAA to continue our work towards the development of common and uniformed standards and procedures that will be easily identified by all EAAA airports’ users, to which they will be accustomed when using any of our Airports.

The Executives of the member Airports also signed the 1st amendment to the Alliance’s governing MOU where the main change was to widen the reach of the Alliance and to open the door for other East Asian countries’ airports to enrol in the Alliance thus not limiting the membership to China, Japan and South Korea. Other governing matters of the EAAA were also introduced.

EAAA member’s Executives were also presented with the work carried out throughout the year by the working group committee which this year undertook the areas of Safety and Security. The group presented to the executives a framework of the status of implementation of each member airport’s Safety Management System and other Safety & Security related information as well as the sharing of best practices which took place within the Alliance.

There was a proposal of a new membership of TIAT, Tokyo International Airport Terminal, Haneda to the EAAA by JATCO, Japan Airport Terminal Co. Ltd. This proposal will be evaluated at the 10th EAAA Annual Meeting to be carried out during 2011 which will be hosted by Guangdong Airport Management Corporation (GAMC) in Guangzhou, China.

EAAA membership comprises of Macau International Airport Co. Ltd., Airport Authority Hong Kong, Capital Airports Holding Company, Guangdong Airport Management Corporation (GAMC) and Shanghai Airport Authority from China; Narita International Airport Corporation, Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd (CJIAC) and Japan Airport Terminal Co. Ltd. from Japan; Incheon International Airport Corporation and Korea Airports Corporation  from Korea.