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Green Airports, Engines for Green Growth - 8th EAAA meeting at Incheon 2009

2009 / 09 / 22

The 8th East Asia Airport Alliance (EAAA) Meeting was held by Incheon International Airport Corporation at Hyatt Regency Incheon from 17 to 18 September 2009. A delegation of Macau International Airport (MIA) led by Dr. Deng Jun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAM, participated the meeting.

The other participants included Hong Kong International Airport, Beijing Capital Airports Holding Company, Central Japan International Airport Co. Ltd., Guang Dong Airport Management Corporation, Incheon International Airport Corporation, Japan Airport Terminal Co. Ltd., Korea Airports Corporation, Narita International Airport Corporation and Shang Hai Airport Authority. The representatives of airport top management exchanged valuable information and best practices on the theme of “EAAA Green Airports, Engines for Green Growth. Hope this meeting will facilitate the cooperation between the members of the East Asia Airport Alliance, strive to manage the resources, reduce costs, make better use of limited resources on earth and continue to implement environmental protection measures to cope with the future growth of the aviation industry.

Dr. Deng Jun said, the optimization of resources and the protection of the environment being integrated in MIA planning, the procurement of equipment and the construction of facilities and infrastructure are now realized with built-in environmental protection measures. MIA also aims to achieve the following goals in the course of coming years:

1).     Set up an Environmental Supervision Committee;

2).     Further improve the efficiency of energy conservation measures, enhance water quality management, and enhance air quality with the use of new technologies;

3).     Reduce waste and minimize environmental and ecological destruction;

4).     Increase our employees’ awareness and upgrade our management policy on environmental protection. In this regard, our company recently has analyzed this matter in cooperation with Mr. Edward W.C. Leung, the Managing Partner of Secured Environment LLC, which is a financial risk valuation and energy supply management company of USA.

At MIA, these objectives are now being translated into the following measures that meet green development criteria:

1.      Constantly raise the environmental awareness and practices of the staffs, and enhance greening construction within the scope of the airport;

2.      Cooperate with experts and academic institutions in developing energy-saving and emission reduction measures, establish systemic and professional implementation plans including the replacement of air-conditioning and lighting systems, the implementation of an energy conservation management and evaluation program in the terminal building, the use of photovoltaic technology. the improvement of ventilation systems, etc.;

3.      Broadcast the “GREEN AIRPORT” concept by creating a green channel on MIA website for disseminating green messages and updating information on green activities on a regular basis;

4.      Intend to submit the candidature for international accreditation for up-coming projects in order to ensure the “green” commitment of MIA.

Notably, Angela Gittens, the Director General of Airports Council International (ACI) was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a special guest speech on the subject "Green Airport for Sustainable Growth". Specialists from airline, consulting, academy were also present to discuss and share ideas on environment-friendly management and responses to environment policies.

Also, in order to achieve active and continuous environment-friendly efforts, member airport representatives signed a “Green Airport Declaration.” This is hoped to be a leading measure that will accelerate voluntary environmental improvements such as building up common strategies through information exchange between member airports; disseminating information on best practices to all airport stakeholders namely airlines, concession operators, government agencies and communities, etc., in order to encourage them to carry out environmentally regulated activities; setting up systematic approaches to heighten environmental awareness and promote environmental responsibility in daily life; and so on.