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Signing of Memorandum of Cooperation between Macau International Airport Company Limited and Yunnan Kunming Wujiaba Airport

2009 / 07 / 15

CAM has been actively promoting strategic alliances with airports from around the world in a bid to turn Macau International Airport into a destination airport.  Macau International Airport today signed the Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation with Yunnan Kunming Wujiaba Airport, providing a platform for further development of the China market, following the establishment of sister airport cooperation with 5 airports under Hunan Airport Management Group ltd, namely Changsha Huanghun Airport, Zhang Jia Jie Hehua Airport, Changde Taohuayuan Airport, Yongzhou Lingling Airport and Zhijiang Airport, on 18 Jun 2009. 

Dr. Deng Jun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAM and Mr. Wei Jianguo, Vice President of Yunnan Airport Group Co., Ltd & President of Kunming Wujiaba International Airport presided the signing ceremony. The Memorandum was signed by Ms. Liu Suning, Executive Director of CAM and Mr. Ma Yi, Assistant to President of Yunnan Airport Group Co., Ltd & Vice General Manager of Kunming Wujiaba International Airport, other guests also attended the ceremony, they are Mr. Patrick Huen, Executive Director of CAM, Ms. Cristina Gomes da Silva, Representing President of Macau Civil Aviation Authority, Mr.Li Jinlin, General Manager of CNAC (Macau) Aviation Ltd., Mr. Zhao Xiaohang, Chairman of  Board of Directors & Chief Executive Officer of Air Macau Company Ltd., Mr. Hoi Man Pak, Executive Director of Huan Yu Group and Mr. Antonio Rato, Senior Assistant to Chairman & Director of Marketing Department witnessed the signing ceremony..

During the ceremony, Ms. Liu presented the recent development of Macau in respect of tourism, culture and economy, as well as the business situation of Macau International Airport. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, Macau International Airport still recorded 5.1 million passengers, 100 thousand tons of cargo and 50 thousand aircraft movements in 2008. She added that the cooperation between Macau and Kunming airports created a platform for enhancing tourism, economic and cultural exchanges between the two places.

The aviation industry in Macau, in line with the Global environment, have been facing what is probably the most difficult times this year. From the prolonged adverse impact of the global financial crisis to the influenza A pandemic. In order to ensure the sustainable development of the airport, Macau International Airport strives to establish strategic alliances with other airports and aviation entities around the world in an effort to explore new business opportunities. Over the past few years, Macau International Airport has established sister airport cooperation with 16 airports from Mainland China, Europe, Australia and other countries. Nowadays, market competition implies not only competition between individual enterprises, but the competition of the whole value chain of the businesses. In view of this, Macau International Airport has to wisely make use of its competitive advantages in each segment of the value chain so as to overcome the rising difficulties and enhance overall competitiveness. The forming of sister airport cooperation provides a valuable platform for the partners to jointly develop new air travel markets and strengthen its own competitiveness.   

Mr. Wei Jianguo, Vice President of Yunnan Airport Group Co., Ltd & President of  Kunming Wujiaba International Airport expressed that the signing of the sister airport agreement provided an opportunity for the two airports to broaden their scope of cooperation from sales and marketing, to training and management, with the objective of jointly developing new markets leading to a win-win situation.

In 2008 Kunming airport recorded 15.9 million passengers, 235 thousand tons of cargo and 149 thousand aircraft movements, becoming the seven highest utilized airport in China. As at the end of 2008, Kunming airport has flights to 65 domestic cities in 140 routes, connecting 21 international cities in 23 routes as well as regional routes of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. To accelerate the aviation market development, Kunming airport has an incentive policy in place to encourage routes development of airlines.

Guests attended the ceremony included representatives from the Macau Government Tourism Office, Public Security Police Force, Airport Immigration, Bank of China (Macau Branch), Macau International Airport Operators, airlines and other partners.