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Macau International Airport Is Going to Establish Sister Airport Strategic Partnership With Australia Gold Coast Airport and China Hainan Meilan International Airport

2008 / 04 / 09

Macau International Airport Company Limited has actively initiated strategic partnership with various airports and will establish two more Sister Airports Agreement later with the Gold Coast Airport of Australia and Hainan Meilan International Airport of China. These two airports will be the 9th and 10th sister airports of Macau and will signify Macau Aviation industry towards the a more diversified and international network development.

Macau International Airport Company Limited will be the host for the renowned aviation event “Route’s Regional Asia 2008”in Macau between 13th and 15th April when major regional airlines, airports and relevant corporations will meet for the development of routes. Macau International Airport will actively initiate strategic partnership with various airports, further to reinforce the cooperation on the exchange and sharing of route development, resources and management, etc. The Signing of Sister Airports will be held at 9am after the Opening of Route’s Regional Asia 2008 on 14th morning.

Since 2005, CAM has signed agreements with 8 sister airports, including Ningbo Lishe International Airport, Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, WuXi Airport Co. Ltd, Incheon International Airport Corporation, ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, SA, Frankfurt Hahn Airport , Inner Mongolia Civil Airports Group Co. and Canada Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc. It will add to a total of ten sister airports with the joining of the Australia Gold Coast Airport and China Hainan Meilan Airport.

According to the signed agreement, Macau International Airport and sister airports would promote the aviation development and enhance the exchange and cooperation between airports. With the mutual efforts contributed, the overall strategic partnership including the exchange on techniques, management, marketing, IT, specialized training, knowledge transfer,etc. To step up the development of commercial aviation and routes.

Over the past few years, under the drive of Macau social and economic growth and through the collective effort especially with the government support, Macau International Airport will adequately make use of the platform and its self competitiveness to gradually achieve the goal of route and market development.