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Admission of Macau International Airport as EAAA Member

2004 / 04 / 07

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAM, Mr. Deng Jun led a delegation as an observer for the EAAA 2nd Meeting in Shanghai on 13 to 16 November 2003. During the Presidential Level Meeting on 14 November 2003, all the members of the alliance unanimously agreed to have Macau International Airport joining the alliance and CAM was thus admitted as an official full member.

East Asia Airports Alliance (hereunder named EAAA) was set up in 2001. It was formed by large airports of China, Japan and Korea and formerly known as North East Asia Alliance. With Hong Kong CLK Airport joined earlier this year, they have changed their name as East Asia Airports Alliance. Its objectives are to work together in improving airports, air transport services and passenger services in the East Asia region through discussion of common problems associated with airport operations. With the admission of Macau International Airport, there are now a total of 8 member airports, namely: Beijing Capital Airport Group Corporation, Shanghai Airport Authority, CAM - Macau International Airport Co. Ltd., Airport Authority Hong Kong, Japan Airport Terminal Co. Ltd., Narita Airport Authority (with 17 airports), Korea Airports Corporation and Incheon International Airport Corporation. Amongst the members, the passenger and cargo volumes of HK CLK Airport and Narita Airport are on the top ten world records. This year, both Beijing Capital Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport have recorded 12% increase in the passenger volume and they are among the most outstanding performance airports in the world's civil aviation record.

During the meeting, it was resolved that the 3rd EAAA Regular Meeting would be held in April 2004 and hosted by Incheon International Airport Corporation. Besides, a task force has been set up for working on to build up alliance website/hyperlink for all the members and to discuss the standardization of the passenger information display.