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Macau International Airport Cooperate with the Macau SAR Government to Implement Preventive Measures to the New Type of Coronavirus at Wuhan

2020 / 01 / 21

In response to the infection reports on the new type of coronavirus at neighboring areas, Macau SAR Government set up the Contingency Coordination Centre (Centro de Coordenação de Contingência today (21st January 2020), which is responsible providing comprehensive planning, guidance and coordination to public and private entities. Following Macau SAR Government’s decision and facilitating Macau Civil Aviation Authority’s guidelines, Macau International Airport (MIA) provides its full supports to the Centre’s work - disease prevention, control and treatment to infection.  And from 22nd January 2020 onwards, the Airport together with the airlines began the execution of temporary measures - all passengers arriving on flights from Mainland China are required to fill up the health declaration form. 

MIA cooperated with the requirements of the Health Bureau of the SAR Government, from 1st January MIA began to carry out health quarantine measures and body temperature measure to Wuhan tourists coming to Macau, and the Airport has made available a segregation area in case of suspected cases occur.  The Airport will also provide its best assistance to the inspectors from Centre for Disease Control of the Macau SAR. 

MIA and the Centre for Disease Control held a working meeting earlier this month, for the discussion of the preventive measures to be imposed temporarily, the Airport also has distributed to its operational partners technical guidelines for preventing the new type of coronavirus from Wuhan.  During the past few days, two seminars were held at the Airport, staff from the Centre for Disease Control gave practical information to the airport staff regarding this new disease and recommendations such as wearing gloves, masks or other personal protective equipment while at work.