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Order in Passenger Terminal Building of Macau International Airport on the Third Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year

2020 / 01 / 27

Due to the emerging novel coronavirus infection cases in the adjacent region, Macau SAR Government has set up a Novel Coronavirus Infection Emergency Coordination Center on 21st Jan, 2020 which is responsible of overall planning, instructing and coordinating for all public and private entities. Macau International Airport (MIA) cooperated with the prevention, control and treatment works by the Coordination Center according to the decision from Macau SAR Government and the guidance from AACM. Chairman of the Executive Committee of CAM Dr. Deng Jun and the delegates conducted an onsite inspection at MIA at 08:30 in the morning of 27th Jan, and found both departure and arrival hall were in order. As per the information from the airlines, most passengers chose to cancel the recent flights, and no crowds were seen in the departure hall. Majority of the passengers and staff were wearing masks to strictly on guard against the virus. Individual staff that were not wearing masks were also reminded to be vigilant and to wear masks. Staff from Center for Disease Control of Macau SAR (CDC) have been assigned in MIA 24 hours to measure the temperature for all entry-exit passengers, and Macau Red Cross staff stationed in MIA are presently standby around the clock as well, both entry-exit immigration control have established designated channels for passengers from Hubei Province, and MIA has displayed the most updated policy from Macau SAR Government on the signage boards before 00:00 on 27th Jan, 2020. 

As to increase employees hygiene and epidemic awareness, the Airport Operation Department of CAM has invited CDC to hold seminar and workshop on 17th and 21st January respectively.  Participants included different airport entities, such as Airlines, Ground handling company, Police and Cleaning company, to explain measures to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia and demonstrate how to properly wear personal protective equipment such as masks and eye masks, to strictly follow the guideline from Health Bureau when passenger with fever is found , and the related attention issues when incoming passengers fill up the health declaration form.  Starting from January 20th, employees of the cleaning company disinfect public facilities in the terminal building every two hours, including elevators and escalators.

MIA cooperated with the requirements of the Health Bureau of the SAR Government, from 1st January MIA began to carry out health quarantine measures and body temperature measure to Wuhan tourists coming to Macau, and the Airport has made available a segregation area in case of suspected cases occur.  The Airport will also provide its best assistance to the inspectors from CDC.  And from 22nd January 2020 onwards, MIA together with the airlines began the execution of temporary measures - all passengers arriving on flights from Mainland China are required to fill up the health declaration form.

Macao International Airport staff will adhere to their posts, be more vigilant, maintain communication with the CDC, to work with the Macau SAR government and the local citizens to prevent disease, and to cope with the difficult times together.

Ms. Katy Lo, Director of Executive Committee Office of CAM and Ms. Vicki Mou, Director of Corporate Communications and Policy Research Office have participated in the site inspection.  Besides, staff from Marketing Department and Internal Audit Department of CAM has inspected the waiting situation of passengers in the terminal building.