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CAM Epidemic Prevention Bulletin - Issue 1 (1st Feb 2020) MIA Passenger Traffic Increase 8% on January CNY Season Recorded 25% Year on Year Decrease

2020 / 02 / 01

The outbreak of the new coronavirus has caused widespread concern in the world. To prevent the spread of the virus, citizens responded to the government's call for reducing unnecessary travel.  Macau International Airport (MIA) as one of the major border in Macau,  maintain close communication with relevant units of the SAR government, coordinate the implementation of new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control measures, to reduce the possibility of the epidemic spreading through aircraft.

In response to the development of the coronavirus, during the CNY Season, the passenger traffic at MIA narrowed more than expected.  From 24th -28th January, 2020, the number of passengers was 115,676 pax, a 25% decrease from the same period of last year.  However, the overall passenger volumn continued to rise on January, with a cumulative passenger volumn over 830 thousands which recorded 8% year-on-year increase.

Due to the severe epidemic situation in China which lead to decline on demand of civil aviation, some airlines have adjusted their flight plans, to reduce or cancel flights mainly to Mainland China and Taiwan China.  Passengers may visit the offical website of Macau International Airport: www.macau-airport.com to obtain the cancellation flights information.

MIA cooperated with the requirements of the Health Bureau of the SAR Government, from 1st January began to carry out health quarantine measures and body temperature measure to Wuhan tourists coming to Macau, and the Airport has made available a segregation area in case of suspected cases occur.  MIA will also provide its best assistance to the inspectors from CDC.  And from 22nd January 2020 onwards, MIA together with the airlines began the execution of temporary measures - all passengers arriving on flights from Mainland China are required to fill up the health declaration form.  Visitors from Hubei Province or non-residents who have been to Hubei within 14 days must submit a New Coronavirus Non-Infection“ doctor certificate issued by the legal medial institution before entering Macau.

According to today (31st January,2020) press conference hosted by the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Response and Coordination Centre of Macau SAR Government, as of 3 pm, a total of 127 suspected cases and 7 confirmed cases were found, and all the patience are in good condition.  119 cases of infection have been excluded, and one case remains to be excluded. There are currently 19 close contacts, all of whom are in good condition in the medical observation area of ​​the Public Health Clinical Center.  The Macau SAR government continues to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic situation. The public can closely follow the latest information on the epidemic situation released by the SAR government and make adequate preparations.  For more information, please visit: www.ssm.gov.mo/PreventWuhanInfection.  If you have any enquiry, you may call the hotline of the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Response and Coordination Centre at 28700800.