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CAM Epidemic Prevention Working Group 2nd Meeting to Adjust Work Arrangement in Response to SAR Government Appeal

2020 / 02 / 05

CAM Epidemic Prevention Working Group held 2nd meeting at 3pm on 4th Feb, which was presided by Chairman of the Executive Committee – Dr. Deng Jun. The meeting is meant to debate on staff arrangement, anti-epidemic measures, constructions, administration and information propagation in line with the further anti-epidemic measures and appeal by Macau SAR Government lately. The  specific objective is that the frontline staff shall take safe and protective measures, fulfil their duties, be responsible  and adhere to company’s goal of “Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness”. All units and departments shall take proactive measures in order to avoid spreadingof the infection and affecting others’ regular work. All actions shall await superior’s instructions and arrangements, special situations shall be reported in time in order to be handled promptly and effectively.

The particulars were suggested and discussed respectively by Mr. Antonio Barros-Director of Airport Operations Department, Mr. Eric Fong-Director of Marketing Department, Ms. Grace Cheang-Director of Finance and Administration Department, Ms. Katy Lo-Director of Executive Committee Office, Ms. Vicki Mou-Director of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office, Mr. Sandro Kou-Director of Infrastructure Development Department and Mr. Anthony U-Director of Legal Department, which are as the followings,

  1. According to the actual operation status and the development of the coronavirus, discussion and shift arrangement have been made, frontline staffs are reminded to aware of self protection, any situation that needs to be reported to the airport supervisor in real-time by daily basis, closely monitor the storage of disinfection materials of other airport operators, and to keep close contact with the CDC on the situation, Macau International Airport as one of the major border in Macau, frontline staffs will continue to maintain their posts as to ensure.
  2. In February, the number of flights decreased by about 70%. MIA will cooperate with the airlines for adjustment and coordination, and plan for future marketing strategy as to react in a timely manner.
  3. In response to the SAR government's call, office employees can switch to work at home if possible. Colleagues returning to Macau from other places will be under house quarantine instead of going back to work.
  4. Relevant administrative work, including public tender, will be adjusted accordingly. Document processing will be changed to online operations, to reduce the chance of personnel mobility and cross infection in the community.
  5. In response to the Government ’s appeal and actual situation,  on-site construction plan has already been implemented before. Those who need to start work must pay attention to epidemic prevention, including workers wearing masks, measuring body temperature, and reporting health status. The employees who live in the Mainland need to travel daily temporarily do not need to cross border to work to reduce labor mobility. According to the latest updates, no on-site construction at the Macau International Airport will be carried out .
  6. Information disclosure needs to be consistent and coordinated to avoid confusion and panic, keep in touch with airlines, update flight information, and maintain direct and timely communication with the media.