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CAM Epidemic Prevention Bulletin – Issue 2 CAM Contingency Working Group to Express Appreciation to Airport Frontline Staff

2020 / 02 / 05

At this critical time for the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus, Macau International Airport (MIA) has been cooperating with the SAR government'sepidemic prevention work and conscientiously implemented new virus prevention and control measures to protect the health and life of passengers. On 4th February, CAM Contingency Working Group extended its sincere greetings to the frontline staff of the airport'soperating units and sent fruit to thank the staff for their hard work in recent days.

The working group showed high appreciation to the professionalism of frontline staffs for not forgetting their original intentions, remembering their missions,keeping their posts, and giving themselves unselfishly.  At the moment the epidemic situation is still severe, prevention and control is still the top priority of all current work. We hope everyone will strictly implementthe work deployment of the management, make emergency plans in time, and protect the air portal of Macau.  At the same time, employees are reminded to pay attention to self-protection, and wear masks to work, maintain hygienicworking environment and air circulation, and take good care of their bodies.