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CAM Attended the Video Conference of the “19th EAAA Annual Meeting”

2021 / 11 / 19

The 19th EAAA Annual Meeting hosted by Central Japan International Airport Co. Ltd. was held on 17th November 2021 in the form of an online conference. Executives from 13 EAAA member airports have presented in this occasion.  Executive Directors of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) Mr. Chu Tan Neng and Mr. Lei Si Tai attended the video Conference.

The themes of this conference were “Sustainable Development Goals” and “Innovative Technologies”.  The leaders and representatives of each airport spoke on the above topics and made suggestions, sharing that the sustainable development of the airport is to achieve resource conservation, environmental friendliness, and humanization, promoting social and economic benefits and being able to continuously develop in coordination with surrounding areas.  In addition, with the rapid development of the airports and civil aviation industry, as to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of East Asia airports, various members have demonstrated the application of innovative technologies in terms of airport operational safety, efficiency, convenient services and construction safety, and combined with the actual situation of the airport to make suggestions from multiple perspectives.

Ms. Winnie Hsu, Director of Planning and Commercial Development Department of CAM reported the sustainable development of Macau International Airport (MIA) and introduced the airport’s vision and mission in the keynote speech.  Through scientific and systematic management systems and approaches in safety, security and environmental management to ensure efficient and smooth operation of the airport, continuously introduce innovative technology applications to enhance customer experience and satisfaction through smart service as to build a “Multi-Function International Airport in the City”.  MIA has always attached importance to green construction. It has obtained ACI’s “Certificate of Accreditation for Carbon Reduction” for 7 consecutive years, and has obtained the first level of “ASQ Accreditation in Customer Experience” issued by the Airports Council International (ACI) in terms of airport services and passenger experience.  During the epidemic, in order to protect the health of passengers and employees and ensure safe and stable operations, the airport strictly implements epidemic prevention measures as to provide passengers with a comfortable and safe waiting environment.  At the same time, in terms of infrastructure development, the airport is stepping up its capacity expansion, optimizing existing facilities, and enhancing the airport’s reception capacity. The airport capacity can meet its own development needs and regional development within a certain period of time. Under the comprehensive management of resources and environment, and directly improve the comprehensive capability of airport operations.  In the future, the sustainable development direction of MIA will continue to promote the construction of smart airport to improve airport capacity and operational efficiency, enriching airport business, managing and operating the heliport, general aviation and cargo business, strengthening the Green Airport construction, strengthening connectivity with Greater Bay Area and assisting in airport reclamation project.

In the meeting, Beijing Capital Airports Holding Company was selected as the host for the meeting of next year.  Through this online platform, all participants shared their valuable experience and their latest developments which motivate the development and improvement of each other.  Other participants from CAM included Ms. Vicki Mou - Director of Corporate Communication and Policy Research Office (CPO) and Ms. Adrina Ho – Deputy Director of CPO.

The 13 EAAA members include: China’s Beijing Capital Airports Holding Company, Shanghai Airport Authority, Guangdong Airport Authority, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Macau International Airport Company Limited and Dalian International Airport; Japan’s Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd., Narita International Airport Corporation, Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., Kansai Airports and Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation; South Korea's Incheon International Airport Corporation and Korea Airport Corporation.