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Members of the Executive Committee of CAM Inspect the Epidemic Prevention Work in Macau International Airport

2021 / 12 / 17

Currently, the situation of the epidemic is still prevalent worldwide, and the virus continues to mutate.  The risk of imported epidemics from overseas continues, therefore, epidemic prevention at the ports of entry and exit faces different types of difficulties; airport also faces great challenges at epidemic prevention.  In the afternoon of 15th December 2021, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) Dr. Deng Jun, Executive Directors of CAM: Mr. Chu Tan Neng and Mr. Lei Si Tai inspected the latest front line pandemic prevention operation management at Macau International Airport (MIA), to ensure that the airport's epidemic prevention measures continue to be in place during the Returning Anniversary of Macao and the New Year's Eve holiday, and to prepare the airport operations for the typhoon that expects to land on the coast of Guangdong next week.

This inspection mainly understands the anti-epidemic measures and procedures for passengers arriving in Macau, as well as the link of information transmission, to ensure the safety and security of MIA are in place, and to ensure the health safety of personnel entering and exiting.  During the inspection, Director of Airport Operation Department, Mr. Gary Geng reported the current passenger arrival situation. According to the entry and exit control measures in different regions of China, passengers from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Wenzhou currently need to conduct nucleic acid test upon their arrival.  The entire process is led by airport security personnel. It is expected to achieve closed-loop management according to the risk level of the flight soon.  Outbound passengers are required to hold a valid NAT report and complete a series of immigration procedures such as declarations of health codes and customs codes in accordance with the requirements of their destination entry policies. There is also nucleic acid test station and self-printing service of NAT reports in the airport to facilitate passengers' travel.  In addition, the flight operation procedures and incoming cargo are also properly disinfected. Staff must wear different levels of personal protective equipment according to the guidelines. This series of epidemic prevention mechanisms and measures are being implemented in an orderly manner, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the airport, at the same time, taking into account the hygiene and service quality of the airport.  Afterwards, the group went to the airport security monitoring room and training room for inspection.  Managing Director of SEMAC Security Company, Mr. Paul Leong introduced about airport security work and personnel training, as more tourists come to Macau for sightseeing during the holidays, airport security allocation, security check channels, airport entrance and exit opening arrangements need to be properly deployed, and adequate pre-planning work should be done in response to emergencies, to ensure the security work during the peak period remains smooth, and the daily operation of the airport is fully guaranteed.  Afterwards, CAM delegation also met with Ms. Sharon Wang, General Manager of Airport Information Management Solutions (AIMS), Ms. Wang reported that system monitoring and maintenance preparations during holidays and typhoons will be done, as to ensure the normal maintenance of airport operation information systems and the safe operation of network service facilities.

Other participants attended the inspection included: Ms. Katy Lo - Director of Executive Committee Office, Ms. Vicki Mou - Director of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office and Ms. Christine Chung –Director of Operations Branch of AOD.

Members of the Executive Committee of CAM Inspect the Epidemic Prevention Work in Macau International Airport

Members of the Executive Committee of CAM inspected the airport security arrangement with Mr. Paul Leong, Managing Director of SEMAC Security Company.

Members of the Executive Committee of CAM met with Ms. Sharon Wang, General Manager of Airport Information Management Solutions (AIMS)