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Macao International Airport Succeeds in the Bid to Host Next EAAA Meeting

2004 / 05 / 03

The 3rd Regular Meeting of East Asia Airports Alliance (EAAA) was held in Seoul Korea 23 - 24 April 2004. To the invitation of the host - Incheon International Airport, delegates from CAM - Macau International Airport Company, a new member accepted by EAAA in the end of 2003, participated in the event. Other participants were from the leading international airports in Mainland China, HK, Japan and Korea. During the meeting, CAM - Macau International Airport Company, was successfully selected to be the host for EAAA's next regular meeting.

EAAA was founded in 2002. CAM's admission enlarged the Alliance to eight members: Macao International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Shanghai International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Korea Airports Corporation and Incheon International Airport. Among the members, Haneda Airport's passenger volume hit 60 millions in 2003 and ranked number one in the world. Passenger and cargo volume for both HKIA and Narita are ranking within the top 10 in the world. The airports in Beijing and Shanghai are regarded as the world's most promising ones. The Incheon airport, now constructing its cargo and logistic base, also expands vigorously.

The purpose of the 3rd Regular Meeting was to conclude the results accomplished by the Alliance's working groups, including:
- Establishment of the EAAA web page with links to other members on the home page of each members' website;

- Common understanding reached and agreed that government regulations could not be ignored regarding the adoption of other members' native language and the standardization of signage and pictograms in member airports' terminals;

- Based on member airports' proposals, a glossary will be created for members' reference purpose.

Considering Macau International Airport Company' s outstanding performance in the working groups' projects, Chairman of Incheon International Airport, also chairman of the meeting, praised CAM for its excellent work.

In the session selecting the next host, all members expressed their compliments to CAM' s constant commitment and sincerity, and unanimously voted for CAM to host EAAA' s 4th Regular Meeting in spring 2005.