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CAM Epidemic Prevention Working Group 7th Meeting Establish the Level of Epidemic Prevention in Airport Based on ICAO Standards

2020 / 08 / 06

According to the current situation of the epidemic, local customs clearance and degree of industry recovery, Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) hosted the 7th Epidemic Prevention Working Group Meeting on 5th August, 2020, to discuss the follow-up items from the last meeting, new measures taken to prevent the epidemic, the operation status of relevant aviation companies and business partners of the airport, and the progress and plans of various work.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of CAM Dr. Deng Jun hosted the meeting, Executive Directors Mr. Chu Tan Neng, Mr. Kan Cheok Kuan, Mr. Lei Si Tai and Mr. Leung Henry Yee Hang and related Department Directors has joined and reported on the working progress.  The actual flights of China's civil aviation have been restored to about 80% before the epidemic, passenger traffic has recovered nearly 70%, and the passenger load factor is 73.5%.  According to the latest analysis from IATA, It is expected that the domestic air passenger demand of various countries will take 2 years (2022) to restore to the level in 2019, indicating that the world's civil aviation is facing difficulties on recovery.  The Macau SAR government has issued new guidelines for epidemic prevention from August 3. For those people coming from Hong Kong, the requirement to provide a nucleic acid test report within seven days has been updated to within 72 hours.  And people coming from Urumqi, Xinjiang and Dalian, Liaoning will be implemented 14 days medical observation.  CAM has provided anti-epidemic supplies to Yutian County and Qira County of Xinjiang in accordance with the emergency arrangements from China Civil Airports Association on 3rd August, which fully reflects the mutual support and assistance between Macau International Airport (MIA) and cities in Mainland China.

According to the latest guidelines for epidemic prevention from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Airport Council International (ACI) and International Air Transport Association (IATA), CAM has conducted field inspection on airport terminal building, business jet fixed based operators, cargo terminal, Pac On terminal preparation office, New AOCC/ EOC and airline catering company, to obtain the latest developments in epidemic prevention and resumption of work, and require all relevant units and departments when facing the new situation should take new measures to deal with the epidemic, never treat it lightly and relieve the measure.  At the same time, the guidelines from relevant aviation organization will be taken as reference, to set up preparations and standards for the resumption of flights of airport operators, to ensure that airport facilities reach the international epidemic prevention level, to prepare contingency plan for resumption of flights and participate in the airport’s health certification program, as to increase the confident of the passengers and travel at ease.

Despite the operating loss of CAM has been lasting for six months, the company stays concern to all airport entities and doing the utmost to launch two rounds of relief measures for airlines and airport operators, aiming to relieve their operating pressure caused by the epidemic, to shoulder social responsibilities and work together to tide over the difficulties.  Members of Executive Committee are working closely with the Supervisory Committee, Board of Directors and General Assembly of the Company to analyze the factual situation in a timely manner while actively interact with the related authorities and exchanged the latest movement with the industry to sough for solutions. Strengthen the progress supervising to the existing construction projects to prevent progress delays while to comply with the reporting regulations of the Office for the Supervision of Public Assets of the Macao Special Administrative Region (GPSAP).

In view of the air passengers and cargo market, CAM actively provides professional service to the airport operators to ensure the safety and quality is compliance with the guidance of COVID-19 preventive measure regulated by Macau SAR Government. Conducted research regarding the airport entities from local, East and North China about their preventive works and market movements, to cope with related transit flights. CAM will also pay close attention to the transit flights during the end of summer holiday, to coordinate and ensure smooth arrangement.

During this period, CAM has further strengthened personnel training, including executive directors has actively participated in various internal training.  And CAM will continue to follow the epidemic prevention guideline from the government, and fully implement the company’s mission “Safety, Efficiency, Effectiveness”, to ensure the safe operation of the airport, reasonable flow of capitals, stable emotions from employees, and to maintain confident for future development.