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Macau International Airport Awarded ACI Airport Health Accreditation

2020 / 11 / 11

Macau International Airport has successfully attained, on 3rd November 2020 (Macau Time), the Airport Health Accreditation (AHA), awarded by the Airport Council International (ACI). Macau International Airport becomes the latest airport in the Asia-Pacific to be accredited, being 21st in the region and 110th Worldwide.

2020 has been an unprecedented year to the industry, COVID-19 is bringing severe threats to global aviation, passengers’ confidence on travelling has been severely impacted with worries of public health and has discouraged air travel.  For this reason, the Airport Health Accreditation program was launched by ACI to all its member airports, from late July onwards, aiming at reassuring the travelling public using the airport’s facilities as well as promoting the recognition of Airport’s professional excellence in maintaining safe and hygienic facilities.  This program provides airports with an assessment of how their health measures are aligned with the ACI’s Aviation Business Restart and Recovery guidelines and the United Nations’ specialised agency for Civil Aviation, ICAO Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) initiative along with recommendations and industry best practices.

The submission for accreditation of Macau International Airport was a concerted effort of all stakeholders. From the guidance and regulatory framework provided by the Macau SAR Government, namely the Civil Aviation Authority (AACM) and the Health Bureau (SSM) and its Centre for Prevention and Disease Control (CDC), supported by the Macau Public Security Police (CPSP) Airport Station operating at the Airport, with the contribution of the SEMAC Security Company, the cleaning and sanitary subcontractor (East Sun) and all the sub-concessionaires involved in the safe, secure and efficient provision of services for the arrival and departure of aircraft as well as handling of passengers.

Upon receipt of the ACI Airport Health Accreditation, Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) stated “We would like to express our appreciation to all the Airport’s partners, in particular the Macau Governmental agencies, for their contribution towards this achievement” adding that the Airport “counts on their continued support and professionalism in providing a good level of service, a safe and healthy environment to all passengers and airport users. Especially now that, given the easing of policies on travel to/from the Mainland, has allowed for a moderate increase in the number of movements and passengers using the Macau International Airport, it is CAM’s duty to provide a safe and sanitary environment to all its Passengers, Users and the Airport community at large”.

Commenting on CAM’s achievement, “The wide-ranging health measures that have been implemented at Macau International Airport are providing a safe airport experience, serving as reassurance to all travellers and employees that precautions are being taken to reduce any risk to their health.” said Mr. Stefano Baronci, Director General, ACI Asia-Pacific. “We are delighted to extend the Airport Health Accreditation to the team at CAM – Macau International Airport Company Limited to demonstrate our joint commitment to restarting travel safely.”

Macau International Airport started working on the AHA program from August onwards, with our teams’ joint effort, a comprehensive set of information including plans, procedures, photos and videos was submitted to ACI in October.  The submission contains 10 areas of assessment, mostly related to areas and services provided to passengers, as mentioned above, but also includes an area for staff protection. On 3rd November 2020, Macau International Airport was approved in the AHA program by ACI. CAM as a responsible Airport Operator, cares for the wellbeing and safety of its colleagues. In this particular case all its front line colleagues who provide their best efforts and implement day in and day out the preventive measures required for the safety of the travelling public.

The Airport wishes to convey our sincere gratitude to all our teams and working partners for their contribution during pandemic, making the airport safe for passengers, general public and staff too.