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MIA Delegation participated in the 16th EAAA Executive Meeting

2017 / 11 / 06
The 16th EAAA Executive Meeting hosted by Narita International Airport Corporation was held from 1st to 2nd November 2017 at Hilton Hotel, Narita, Tokyo, executives from 13 EAAA member airports have presented in this occasion. Dr. Deng Jun – Chairman of the Executive Committee of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) led a delegation to attend the meeting. 

The theme of this year was "Airport Initiatives to Promote Tourism”, representatives from each member airports shared different views on the field of airport’s positioning, market strategy, tourists support, and the trend of tourism development in different cities.

In the meeting, representative from MIA claimed that airport as a major traffic hub in the cities/ countries, is a bridge connecting the city to the world, therefore, airport played a very important roll to promote the tourism industry.  Macau International Airport (MIA) as the example of small-medium sized multifunctional international airport, always seek for differentiated development and vigorously expanded the inbound and outbound routes, as to provide more destination choices for the travelers, Start from 2007, the number of tourists handled by MIA is 10 times of the local population.  Aside from this, as to provide a more convenience and time saving travelling experience to the travelers, MIA has pushed out different kinds of travelling products: Express link service provides seamless shuttle service, to drive the tourists to different major border of Macau, to facilitate tourists entered Macau from different borders and arrive MIA directly.  MIA has established mobile APP and virtual terminal platform, to provide hotel reservation, limousine reservation and duty free purchase, which enable tourists to enjoy the MIA’s service through the unlimited space on the internet instead of being limited by physical space. Besides, MIA will always support and cope with the development trend of tourism industry, to assist the SAR government to build up Macau as a “world center of tourism and leisure”.

Every executive from different airports gave a short briefing on their ideas of airport initiatives to promote tourism.  Through discussion and exchange of experience, everyone have more understanding on the travelling trend of the travelers nowadays, and the support provided by the airports. Executives are organized to have a visit to Shinshoji Temple, to pray for the air traffic safety.  In the coordinator meeting, Incheon International Airport was selected as the host for the meeting of next year.

Other representatives from CAM included: Chief of Shanghai Representative Office – Mr. Ye Hong, Chief of Corporate Communication and Policy Research Office – Ms. Vicki Mou, Secretary to the Chairman of the Executive Committee Office- Ms. Stella Chan and Manager of Corporate Communication and Policy Research Office – Ms. Adrina Ho.

EAAA members include: China’s Beijing Capital Airports Holding Company, Shanghai Airport Authority, Guangdong Airport Authority, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. and Dalian International Airport; Japan's Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd., Narita International Airport Corporation, Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., Kansai Airports and Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation; South Korea's Incheon International Airport Corporation and Korea Airport Corporation.