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CAM Representative Attended the 5th Term Member Congress of China Civil Airports Association

2022 / 06 / 22

The 5th Term Member Congress of China Civil Airports Association (CCAA) was held in Beijing on 16th June 2022. Due to the pandemic development, the Congress was held in the form of both in-person and virtual meeting, aiming to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures as the Country's requirements, and to ensure the safe and smooth progress of the conference. Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), as a board member of the association, is the first one from the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions to join the Association. Chairman of the Executive Committee was renewed to be elected into the 5th Director-General as Consultant which is his third consecutive term of the appointment.  Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office of CAM Ms. Yuan Weifang represented to attend the meeting in person, while Corporate Communications and Policy Research Office of CAM represented to join the meeting online.

At the meeting, the work report and financial report of the 4th Term Director Council of CCAA, and the work report ofthe 1st Term of Supervisory Committee of CCAA were presented. Each member representative has also reviewed and approved the “2022 Budget Report” of the Association, revision to the “Articles of Association” and “Reform Plan of Membership Dues Standard”, and authorization to “Proposal of the By-election and Removal of Director Council Members” and voted for electing the Executive Director and persons in-charge of the 5th Term of Director Council of CCAA; the Chief Supervisor and the Vice Chief Supervisor of the 2nd Term of Supervisory Committee of CCAA.

During the work report, Ms. Wang Ruiping, Director General of CCAA, pointed out that our Country’s civil airport industry has entered a period of high-quality development and the industry will face an unprecedented breadth and depth of reforms. Therefore, the Association has five suggestions aiming at the facilitation of positive development of the association and to better serve the member units, i.e., building a solid and political foundation for development; standardizing the governance structure in accordance with the law to effectively protect the rights and interests of members; adhering to the fundamental purposes to provide high-quality services wholeheartedly; prioritizing eight key tasks and comprehensively enhance core capabilities; laying a good foundation for sustainable and healthy development.

Mr. Dong Zhiyi, Deputy Administrator of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), delivered a keynote speech on the development of the Association. He expressed that CCAA and CAAC are no longer in relationship of supervisor-subordinate and instead a more close and cooperative relationship after the restructuring. The survival and development of CCAA depends on its all-out efforts and should actively organize members to build a working platform while integrate the scenarios and strengths of airports, technology companies and scientific research units, and work together to build an ecosystem for constructing smart airports, and jointly plan on the timetable and roadmap of construction for smart airports, and strive to play an integral role as modeling in multiple scenarios of smart civil aviation to effectively improve the construction effect of smart airports. In the modern governance system with approach of pluralism in co-governance, the role of CCAA is undoubtedly necessary and important. Therefore, the association shall clarify its own position in future work and actively participate in governance of the industry while strive to be a promoter of high-quality development of civil aviation, be a maintainer of a good market order, be a provider of high-quality and efficient services and be an advanced social organization with strong influence to play an even greater role.