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MIA Responds to the Initiative of China Civil Airport Association Support Poverty Areas to Fight the Epidemic and to Win the Tough Battle against Poverty

2020 / 08 / 05

At the beginning of this year (2020), through the work exchange between Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) and China Civil Airports Association (CCAA), CAM learnt about “The Designated Poverty Alleviation Work Plan of the Civil Administration of China in 2020”, CAM has accepted the invitation from CCAA and actively participated in the poverty alleviation, hoping to assist Xinjiang Yutian County to compete the poverty alleviation task.  By donating RMB 190,000 in April of this year, for construction of the county’s deeply impoverished village - Langanboziya Farm Bashidianrimu Village, as to drive local employment and expand the collective income of the village, and assist Yutian County to win the battle against poverty in 2020.  Recently, the outbreak of COVID-19 in Urumqi, Xinjiang has re-appeared, which putting great pressure on epidemic prevention and poverty alleviation in Yutian County and Qira County.  To help the "two counties" epidemic prevention and to complete the poverty alleviation task as scheduled, MIA immediately responded to CCAA’s initiative, to prepare and donate anti-epidemic materials which worth approximately MOP 100,000, including face masks, protective clothing, eye masks, thermometer, etc and arrange these materials being delivered to the “two counties” as soon as possible to relieve the urgent need. It embodies the spirit of unity and cooperation to overcome difficulties together with the support of all parties.

Since the third meeting of the 3rd Director-General hosted by China Civil Airports Association (CCAA) on December 2015, CAM was voted to be eligible to join the Association, since then CAM has been actively performing the duties and supported various investigations and studies of the association, to arrange employees to participate in business training and industry seminars, and to promote the development of China’s civil aviation industry as the common goal.  In accordance with the association’s objective of ‘common participation, common sharing and common development’, Macau International Airport (MIA) carried out different tasks seriously as to serve members, industry and society. MIA has been operating for 25 years and has always adhered to the core development value ‘Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness’, based in Macau, backed on the motherland and facing the world. Since its establishment, the airport has always been inseparable from the support of China’s civil aviation and the mutual exchange and cooperation with various airports.  And MIA is the first airport among Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to join the Association and is believed to help the future work exchange of the regional aviation development.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, MIA has received the donation of Epidemic Prevention Materials from Shanghai Airport Authority who is also one of the members in CCAA, it’s like giving off charcoal in the snow, which fully embodies the friendship between both sides.  Recently, the epidemic is spreading globally; MIA will strengthen information exchange and anti-epidemic cooperation with various airports.  While maintaining our own epidemic prevention work, we will continue to provide support and assistance within our capacity to any organizations or poverty areas in need, to defeat the epidemic and assist the poverty areas to win the battle as scheduled.