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MIA Representative Attended the 4th Term Member Congress of China Civil Airports Association

2020 / 12 / 15

The 4th Term Member Congress of China Civil Airports Association (CCAA) was held in Chongqing on 8th – 9th December 2020.  Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), as a board member of the association, has been actively performing the duties and obligations. Ms. Adrina Ho, Deputy Director of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office (CPO) and Ms. Violetta Tam, Officer of CPO has attended the meeting.  At the meeting, each member representative reviewed and approved the “2020 Work Report”, “Financial Report”, “Work Report of the Supervisory Committee” and “2021 Budget Report” of the association, revision to the “Articles of Association”, “2021-2025” Development Plan” and solicited opinions on the “2021 Training Plan”.

President of China Civil Airports Association (CCAA), Ms. Wang Ruiping has mentioned in her work report; although this year was severely affected by COVID-19, with the great support from every member, the annual tasks were successfully completed.  And according to the strategic goal of China Civil Aviation, to focus on the development and construction of “Four-Type Airports”, adhere to the fundamental purpose of "serving members" and the association’s policy of "joint participation, common sharing, and common achievement", actively adapt to the new situation and meet the new needs.  Facing the high quality development of civil airports is gradually intensifying, the constructions of “Four-Type Airports” are fully launched, and new technology applications are fully popularized.  The association’s five-year development plan outlines a framework for the development of the next five years, the association still has shortcomings in its development and needs to be seriously improved, the high-quality development of the industry provides space for the association.  To serve the member is the core value, unwavering development trend; the association must be trusted by the government, inseparable from the industry and truly needed by the enterprise.

This meeting also arranged expert lectures, relevant government officials and civil aviation scholars were invited to give keynote speech on the topics of "The development of hub airports under the background of double circulation during the 14th Five-Year Plan", " Standardized operation of industry associations after delinking" and “Challenges and major work points facing the airport industry in 2021”. The content not only pointed out the current advantages of the domestic civil aviation industry but also the shortcomings that need to be resolved. The high-quality development of the industry still has a long way to go that need to take the initiative to work together to achieve the strategic goal. After that, Chongqing Airport Group Co., Ltd. arranged a site tour to let representatives to have more understanding of the achievements on construction on "Four Type Airport" of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. Throughout the introduction to the security "Mulan" team, representatives can know more about its culture and work philosophy, service standards for precise positions, enhance the image of security inspection, clarify the standard through big data, and ensure the effective implementation of all staff, in order to provide passengers with warm airport services.