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Chairman Deng Jun of CAM Received Chairman Wang Ruiping of China Civil Airports Association (CCAA) and her Delegation at MIA

2018 / 11 / 18

Dr. Deng Jun - Chairman of the Executive Committee of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) received Ms. Wang Ruiping - President of China Civil Airports Association (CCAA) and her delegation with 16 representatives from different airports on 12-13th November, 2018, both sides had discussed and exchanged ideas about the operation model and Sub-concession operation in MIA.

As the member of CCAA, CAM attached great importance to this exchange activity, Chairman Deng welcomed the visiting representatives. Macau International Airport (MIA) has always been upholding “Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness” as the core value, and to retain the commitment of “rooted in Macao and backed up by the motherland while facing the world and striving for excellence''. The market development prospect of 2018 is estimated to have over 8 million of passenger traffic. From establishment to development, MIA cannot be separated from the support of civil aviation from China and the cooperation with other airports. President Wang expressed a heartfelt gratitude to the continuous support and concern from MIA, and hoped to learn the essence of advanced management methods and experience, and high-quality development, which could simulate the development of mainland airports.

During the meeting, Ms. Grace Cheang - Director of Finance & Administration Department of CAM introduced the management model through corporate system, management performance, risk management and corporate culture. Ms. Winnie Hsu - Director of Planning and Commercial Development Department introduced that, in the field of airport’s non-aeronautical revenue, major part of the airport's daily operation were entrusted to professional companies for management. Non-aeronautical revenue for the first three quarters of 2018 was 54% of total income. Ms. Sharon Wang - Managing Director of Airport Information Management Solutions (AIMS) introduced the development strategy and process of virtual airport, connected with online and offline services for overall planning and function optimization of facilities, which could help to enhance passenger experience while further expanding capacity and optimizing the virtual terminal. Mr. Eric Fong - Director of Marketing Department introduced the routes development of MIA, and it would also serve as a multi-purpose transport link between the harbor, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the light rail. Mr. Sandro Kou - Director of Infrastructure Development Department introduced the construction projects, with the strategy of “small steps in fast pace”, MIA used limited land resources to expand airport capacity, to strengthen the ability to respond to emergencies and meet the relevant standards of civil aviation and maintain high service standards. After listening to the introduction from Mr. Gary Geng - Director of Operations Branch of Airport Operations Department, the delegation visited MIA with accompany of Mr. Antonio Barros - Macau Airport Director of Airport Operations Department to enhance the understanding of the frontline management and exchange views and opinions.

Other participants in the meeting include: CAM - Director of Executive Committee Office Ms. Katy Lo, Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office Ms. Yuan Weifang, Ms. Vicki Mou - Chief of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office (CPO) and Ms. Miley Kou – Assistant Manager of CPO. Ms. Bao Yilin - Chief Economist of Guangdong Airport Authority (GAA), Mr. Yao Shuanglin – Vice of Dalian International Airport CO.,Ltd., Mr. Shen Hengde – Deputy General Manager of Shenyang Tao Xian International Airport CO., Ltd., Mr. Yang Lei - Deputy Director of General Work Office of Construction Headquarter of Shandong Airport Group, Mr. Alan Weng – Director of Business Management Department of GAA, Mr. Qiu Ziping – Vice General Manager of Jieyang Chaoshan Airport Co. of GAA, Mr. Lin Weiwen – Vice General Manager of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Huizhou Airport Co., Ltd., Ms. Emma Xin – Deputy Manager of Airline Marketing and Business Management Department of GAA, Ms. Wu Chunyan – Service Enhancement Manager of Service Quality Management Department of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Co., Ltd., Mr. Peng Yong – Passenger Service Manager of Changsha Huanghua International Airport, Mr. Han Xiaofei - Secretary of the Party Branch of Passenger Terminal Management Department of Nanjing Lukou International Airport CO., Ltd.; CCAA: Ms. Qiao Nan – Deputy Director of Training and Communications Department, Ms. Yang Fen – Director of Professional Committee Affairs Department and Ms. Yue Fengyuan – Assistant of Professional Committee Affairs Department.