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CAM Epidemic Prevention Bulletin - Issue 1 (1st Feb 2020) CAM Holds Working Group Meeting on Epidemic Response

2020 / 02 / 01

From 1st January 2020, Macau International Airport (MIA) cooperated according to the requirements of the Health Bureau of the SAR Government to implement relevant anti-quarantine measures in response to the occurrence of new types of coronavirus infections in neighbouring areas. By 30th January, Macau International Airport (MIA) established a contingency working group to conclude the experience of the past 30 days, brainstorm ideas for the next work to optimize solutions, improve response efficiency, and set guidelines for airport development.

MIA contingency working group summarized the works as the followings,

  1. The anti-epidemic works have been strengthened at present, and Macau SAR government has taken further measures. In order to better cooperate with SAR Government, the MIA contingency working group has been established, which is under the lead of Chairman of the Executive Committee Dr. Deng Jun, with Ms. Katy Lo, Director of Executive Committee Office (ECO) and Mr. Antonio Barros, Director of Airport Operation Department (AOD) in charge, and the assistance provided by other Directors (Ms. Grace Cheang, Director of the Finance and Administration Department, Mr. Eric Fong, Director of Marketing Department, Mr. Anthony U, Director of Legal Department, Ms. Vicki Mou, Director of Corporate Communications and Policy Research Office-CPO). Ms. Katy Lo, Director of ECO is responsible of collecting and organizing all relevant information and data before submitting, all information and data are to be copied to Ms. Vicki Mou, Director of CPO so that all will be unified for the media.  Mr. Antonio Barros, Director of AOD is responsible of coordinating all operating units within MIA, and to carry out the authorization transmitted from ECO, to proactively embark on the anti-epidemic works with no delay to the execution of the instructions.  
  2. The reports aimed to check on all transportation executing units during Chinese New Year will be terminated on 1st Feb, which includes the response to Wuhan Pneumonia Epidemic and will be organized by Internal Audit Department before reporting to ECO.
  3. Set up a designated mobile message group for the contingency working group, which is in the charge of Ms. Katy Lo, Director of ECO, who will assure the smooth communication, and effective measures. To make sure the correctness of the information, cross checks must be conducted. To get the information in time, prompt and fast submission must be achieved. To obtain information integrity, must include 5 elements of time, location, people, course and measures.
  4. During the epidemic outbreak, the contingency working group must prioritize the safety of the frontline staff, seize time to have the sufficient equipment and device in place, make sure that staff have enough rest time, and eliminate non-stop work patterns. All department heads must collaborate with each other based on the overall interests. Mr. Antonio Barros, Director of AOD will be in charge.
  5.  Ms. Grace Cheang, Director of Finance and Administration Department follows the instruction of Macau SAR government that employees should avoid participating in group activities, including meetings, the Spring Dinner on  February 6 has been cancelled to reduce the chance of cross infection. On the other hand , the feasibility of increasing transportation subsidies is being considered in order for staff to reduce their exposure to crowded environment. Set up anti-epidemic check points in CAM building and airport offices, provide disinfective measures in public areas, and establish a system to assure the supply of  anti-epidemic materials. Review the setup of information platform for internal employees as soon as possible to unify the information content and release it in timely manner.
  6. Mr. Sandro Kou, Director of Infrastructure Department controls the anti-epidemic measures applied to the workers involved in the airport constructions according to Macau SAR government’s guidance and AOD’s regulations.
  7. Mr. Eric Fong, Director of Marketing Department keeps close contact with all airlines. Immediate reviewing will be conducted for the current situation of flight cancellations, reductions and suspensions, and preferential policies and measures offered to those who continue the flight service to Macau will be planned. New policies will be applied for new routes , which embodies the role of the airport price committee.
  8.  Mr. Anthony U, Director of Legal Department believes that all departments have carried out related work in accordance with Macau SAR Government’s law of Infectious Diseases Prevention and Cure, and  proposed that the precautionary guidelines for infectious diseases from Airport Council International (ACI) may be consulted in order to carry out the works reasonably and legally.

CAM hopes to work through the difficulties together with staff on duty, and will do best to provide proper arrangements. At the same time, staff should pay attention to personal hygiene and properly wear masks and protective equipment according to the guidelines.