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General conditions for all programs:

  • The application for the programs will be done to CAM in written, including a plan of the flights and type of operation to be introduced.
  • Airlines must pay all the fees according with the normal airport invoices and rules. Airlines failing to keep a good payment record to the airport will lose the right to the incentives.
  • The flights can only benefit from one of the available incentive schemes and the incentives cannot be accumulated with any other fee discounts in force at any time. When these situations arise the best of them, from the airline perspective, should be applied.
  • The Incentives will be calculated after the end of the incentive period considered:
    • For the existing routes after the conclusion of the calendar year.
    • For the new routes after first and second years of operation.

Incentive will be given by credit note with the respective value, issued to the airline fulfilling the conditions:

  • Any disputes in relation with the passenger numbers will be decided by CAM according with the airport official traffic records, after investigation of eventual differences claimed by the airline.
  • CAM reserves the right to refuse the incentives to new routes according with the following principles:
    • The new route being irrelevant to improve MIA destinations offer.
    • The new route having been operated before by the same airline and abandoned.
    • The new route being a temporary operation without the airline commitment to make it a regular and sustained route.
  • CAM reserves the right to refuse the application of the new routes, additional flights or charter incentives, on a case by case decision, with the specific particular reasons duly justified according with CAM perspective of MIA and Macau Aviation development well being.