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MIA Increases Flights Frequency and Enhances Service to Meet the Rising Passenger Traffic During CNY Holiday

2024 / 02 / 01

Traffic Forecast of Chinese New Year Holiday

Chinese New Year (CNY) is approaching, it is expected that an additional 80 flights will be operated in Macau International Airport (MIA) during the five days holiday of CNY holiday (10th to 14th February 2024). MIA is estimated to handle 860 flights and 110,000 passenger approximately during the five-day holiday, representing a 1.1 and 1.4 fold increase respectively compared to the same period last year (2023) and a recovery to 77% and 74% of the same period in 2019. It is anticipated that nearly 24,000 passengers travel via MIA during the peak period on a single day.

CNY Travel Tips

Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) Airport Operations Department (AOD) held a coordination meeting with related government departments, airlines and various operating units, airlines, and airport concessionaires on 1st February 2024 for preparation and enhancement of airport services, aside from the existing safety and security systems and measures, and to ensure that there is sufficient manpower to be deployed during the peak season. In addition, duty-free retail and dining services in the airport will remain open during the holiday period to provide diversified services to passengers. During the CNY period, departure check-in counter services at MIA will be opened 2 hours and 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and closing one hour prior. Passengers are advised to take their time to complete check-in procedures. Additional queues will be set up at both entrances of the departure security check area to divert passengers during peak periods. Passengers in large tour groups are urged to enter the security check queue area in batches as possible to avoid instant congestion. MIA is actively coordinating with SEMAC Security Company (SEMAC) to enhance airport security operation to open passenger security channels in a timely manner according to the passenger flow so as to shorten passenger waiting times, while enhance the inspection of airport security and screening equipment to ensure operational safety. Passengers may also check the Security Control Articles for prohibited items from Civil Aviation Authority of Macao SAR on https://www.aacm.gov.mo/index.php?r=guide/index&con=0&pageid=118 before traveling to avoid any delays due to carrying prohibited items.

Enhance Airport Passenger Service Support

In preparation for increasing flights and passenger volumes during the holiday, MIA has optimized preparations on operation safety, security and passenger service in advance: maintaining the monitoring of passenger flow with reference to the passenger data provided by airlines, allocating check-in counters, boarding gates and aircraft parking slots properly; airport staff will also implement dynamic control to conduct flexible and effective queue management to maintain on-site order; advance notification to taxi calling centers and coordinate with the relevant authority for arranging taxis to pick up arriving passengers so as to minimize congestion at the arrival hall of the airport.

Overview of Passenger Market

There is a total of 26 airlines providing service at MIA at present, operating 43 routes covering the Mainland of China (23), China Taiwan (3) and international destinations (17). In terms of market distribution, the Mainland of China and China Taiwan accounts for 46% and 16% respectively while the international market accounts for rest of 38%, which is similar to that of 2019. To meet the rising demand for air travel during the CNY holidays, MIA is actively coordinating with airlines to increase flight frequencies and capacity. In the first quarter of 2024, a total of 271 additional flights will be operated covering 11 popular international destinations and regions of the Mainland of China including Seoul, Vietnam Hanoi, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, China Taipei City, Shanghai Pudong, Chengdu Tianfu, Fuzhou and, etc. to further attract international travellers visiting Macau.

Route Expansion Plans in the 1st Quarter 2024

MIA proactively cooperates with the SAR Government to develop comprehensive tourism and leisure industry by continuously coordinating with airlines to develop medium and long haul routes and long-haul transfer routes, while to expand air passenger sources of Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. In the first quarter of 2024, two airlines including China Southern Airlines and AirAsia Cambodia will launch services at MIA. China Southern Airlines is planning to launch flight service from Istanbul and Moscow transferring to MIA via Beijing Daxing Airport, with checked through luggage service so as to extend flight services to European and Middle East regions. AirAsia Cambodia is planning to operate a daily round-trip flight between Phnom Penh and Macau. Cambodia Airways will operate charter flights service from Phnom Penh to Macau and transit to Palau. VietJet Air is planning to launch daily round-trip flights services from Haiphong and Nha Trang to Macau respectively, and Korean Air is planning to operate the Seoul-Macau route with use of wide-body aircraft, providing diversified travel options for international passengers.

Incentive Policies Promote Development of Long-Haul Routes

In order to stimulate the capabilities of airlines operating medium and long haul routes, MIA is planning to allocate more resources and formulate additional incentive policies for airlines to operate international, medium and long haul (direct) routes. Currently, the base airline, Air Macau plans to introduce its first wide-body aircraft in March 2024. Through these additional incentive policies, it is hoped to further expand the source of international passengers, increase flight frequency and flexibility of the major markets such as Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, thereby enhancing overall competitiveness of MIA in the international aviation market.

Express Link Service Enhances Connection Network

MIA is planning to introduce the Express Link service of the Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal of Macau to facilitate tourists from western Guangdong travel via Macau International Airport. In the first half of 2024, MIA will organise roadshows in Zhongshan and Jiangmen promoting the airport to residents of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). In line with the development of the GBA, MIA will also collaborate with airlines, travel agencies, and e-commerce platforms to actively expand its service coverage.